Workshop Program and Agenda

The format will be topical sessions with a program of invited and contributed talks. All talks are short, with the intention to have coverage of a large number of topics. The program agenda will leave time for some questions and discussions after each talk, with extra discussion time at the conclusion of each session. The workshop format is intended to provide for an active discussion in these periods among all participants.

Here is the LRT2004 agenda of talks. Posters are also invited and will be posted in the lunch and coffee break hall for lunch time and inter-session discussions.

The following is the final workshop program, click on the link for each talk to download the ppt or pdf file. Please email if any links are incorrect.

Saturday 11th December
12:00 noon
SNO underground afternoon tour (wait in hotel lobby for 12:00 noon pickup)
Return from afternoon SNO tour
Sunday 12th December
First minibus pickup from hotel to the workshop. Wait in hotel lobby, there will be a second bus run as required.
Registration desk opens for payment processing. Coffee, juice and muffins/croissants are available.
Workshop welcome
Session 1 - Overview of low radioactivity measurement facilities
European underground facilities (L. Miramonti)
Japanese and eastern facilities (M. Nakahata)
North American facilities - existing and DUSEL (P. Cushman)
North American facilities - SNOLAB (A. Hime)
Coffee break
Session 2 - Low background counting techniques
Introduction for workshop guest of honour Gerd Heusser (S. Schoenert)
Low level counting from meteorites to neutrinos: Ge spectroscopy, proportional counting, multi-coincidence NaI, rare gas mass spectroscopy (G. Heusser)
AMS and low level 14C measurement (A. Litherland)
Trace analysis of K, U, and Th by NAA (I. Pillalamarri)
Lunch (Breakout lunch session on laboratories' coordination)
Session 3 - Screening facilities and low background detectors
KAMLAND screening and measurement facilities (K. Inoue)
Background reduction in cryogenic detectors (D. Bauer)
SOLO: Soudan low background screening facility (R. Gaitskell)
Surface beta activity screening (T. Shutt)
Coffee break
Session 4 - Low radioactivity detector components
Double-beta decay crystals (F. Danevich)
Production of low activity CsI crystals for WIMP searches (Y. Kim)
Low radioactivity at the Modane Underground Laboratory (P. Loaiza)
Low radioactivity in CANDLES (T. Kishimoto)
Low radioactivity TPC for low energy neutrinos (I. Irastorza)
Minibus runs to hotels
First minibus run to dinner banquet (Landings restaurant at Science North)
Dinner (Landings restaurant at Science North)
Minibus runs to hotels
Monday 13th December
First minibus pickup from hotel to the workshop (wait in hotel lobby)
Registration desk opens for payment processing. Coffee, juice and muffins/croissants available.
Session 5 - reduced background air and purified noble gases
Absorption techniques for gas purification (H. Simgen)
Distillation purification of liquid Xenon (Y. Takeuchi)
Atom trap trace analysis (C. Orzel)
Rn diffusion and emanation (G. Zuzel)
Rn-reduced air at KAMLAND (M. Koga)
Coffee break
Session 6 - Cleanliness studies and clean fabrication techniques
Clean fabrication and Rn-free air for Borexino nylon vessels (A. Pocar)
Clean fabrication and monitoring in SNO (D. Hallman)
Ultra-low-background copper production and clean fabrication (C. Aalseth)
Comments on low background copper (G. Heusser)
Cleanliness, backgrounds and surface contamination in Cuore (S. Pirro)
Surface contamination and washing studies (M. Leung)
Session 7 - Liquid scintillators and water properties and purification
Liquid scintillator purification (Y. Kishimoto)
Water purification and Ra/Rn assay techniques (J. Farine)
Gd loaded scintillators (M. Yeh)
Coffee break
Session 8 - Background studies and simulations
Simulation of backgrounds, cosmic rays and neutron fluxes (J. Formaggio)
Neutron backgrounds (T. Mitsui)
Backrounds and simulations for dark matter experiments (V. Kudryavtsev)
Self-shielding effect for liquid xenon (S. Moriyama)
Production channels and tags for 11C (A. Pocar)
Workshop summary and general discussion on future direction and international cooperation on facilities. Plans for a future workshop.
LVD detector at LNGS (H. Menghetti, M. Selvi)
Screening facilities at LNGS (A. Ianni)
XMASS detector (S. Moriyama)
Cosmogenic activation of materials (I. Irastorza, S. Cebrian)
Minibus runs to hotels
Tuesday 14th December
SNO underground morning tour (wait in hotel lobby for 6:30am pickup). Tour will return to hotels at about 1:30-2:00pm.
12:00 noon
SNO underground afternoon tour (wait in hotel lobby for 12 noon pickup). Tour will return to hotels at about 7:00-7:30pm.